Ideal destinations for a romantic getaway near Thessaloniki!

A romantic getaway is the perfect gift for this season. Grab the chance and organize a romantic two-day trip near Thessaloniki. With a few simple steps, book your vehicle from Let’s Drive and head off for a relaxing weekend with your other half. And if you don't know where to go and what to do, keep reading below to get some ideas.

Dreamy route in Grevena

Portitsa, Grevena
Portitsa, Grevena

Travel to an earthly paradise filled with lush forests, rushing rivers, and picturesque settlements. It is a beautiful place that serves as a starting point for small getaways and is an ideal destination for those who love nature, mountain landscapes, bridges, and, of course, good food. Grevena is recommended for winter getaways from Thessaloniki due to its mountainous scenery. However, even in summer, it attracts many tourists who enjoy the coolness and escape from the cosmopolitan islands. For this reason, they are among the best nearby summer destinations from Thessaloniki.

What to do in Grevena:

  • Visit the Valia Calda National Park
  • Cross the stone bridge of Portitsa
  • See the Tsourgiakas waterfall
  • Try traditional leek pie

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In Ano Poroia with a view of Lake Kerkini

Ano Poroia
Ano Poroia

A village that overlooks Lake Kerkini and offers to visitors moments of unique calmness and relaxation. Take your walk through the village's narrow streets, walk in the dense forest, and if you're adventurous, go horseback riding in the mountains. Before leaving the village, remember to stock up on buffalo milk pasta, jams, and spoon sweets. Complete a car rental in Thessaloniki, reach the foothills of Mount Belles and find refuge in a natural, magical landscape.

Drive around the lake and see the buffaloes strolling on its banks. In addition, you will see many pelicans that choose it to build their nests.

Weekend in Stavroupoli and the paths of Nestos River

Nestos River
Nestos River

A village that is a crossroads between Xanthi, Drama, Bulgaria, and Kavala. Cobblestone streets, traditional houses, and a central square gather all the beauty of the village. The stone bridges give a different sensation and transport the visitor to another era. Combined with the Nestos River, they create a unique scenery that seems taken out of a fairy tale with fairies and elves. Leave for a 2-day excursion from Thessaloniki and live a unique experience in nature.

What to do in Stavroupoli:

  • Walk in the Haidou Forest
  • Visit the Livaditis waterfall

Paleos Panteleimonas, the balcony of Pieria prefecture

Paleos Panteleimonas
Paleos Panteleimonas

One of the most beautiful preserved settlements at the foothills of Mount Olympus with a view of the Thermaic Gulf. The dense forest filled with beech and chestnut trees offers coolness during the summer months, while in winter it creates a charming mountain scenery. For romantic getaways near Thessaloniki, choose the prefecture of Pieria and spend a romantic weekend in stone mansions and lit fireplaces.

Bonus: Did you know that the village starred in Theodoros Angelopoulos's film "Alexander the Great"?

In Goumenissa with the famous wineries


A Macedonian town with traditional architecture, musical tradition, and nature as far as the eye can see. Upon arriving in Goumenissa, you must sit in the central square with the imposing large fountain. Rest under the plane trees and try the local tsipouro to warm up. Continue towards the mountain villages of Paiko and drive to the Two Rivers. Go hiking, picnic, and wander among the ancient plane trees.

What to try in Goumenissa:

  • Local tsipouro
  • Cranberry liqueur
  • Various kinds of wine

In the famous saffron villages of Kozani


Undoubtedly, Kozani's saffron belongs to the best quality of saffron in the world and is globally known. The largest cultivation of saffron is found in the namesake village of Kozani, which is a top tourist attraction for Greeks and foreign travelers. Leave Thessaloniki and drive to Kozani to see the vast purple fields that resemble a huge colored carpet.

If you are in the co-capital, have seen the most important attractions in Thessaloniki, and want to escape the usual for a while, take your car from Let’s Drive and start to discover the surrounding villages. If, on the other hand, you arrive by air, complete car rentals from Thessaloniki airport and quickly and easily reach your destination.

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