The Ultimate Guide for Magical Holidays in Chania!

Crete is a large island with plenty of options that satisfy even the most demanding traveler. The natural beauty of the island, where sea and mountain converge, attracts many Greek and foreign tourists each year.

However, there is one destination that remains on top for most visitors and that is the enchanting Chania. The seaside town remains active in winter and summer, offering visitors plenty of options for accommodation and entertainment.

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Holidays in Chania: Where to go

If you're wondering where to start in Chania, see below. You'll find detailed information on all the most important attractions.

Take a walk in the Old Port and the Old Town

Walk in the Old Port and the Old Town
Walk in the Old Port and the Old Town

One of Chania's most well-known attractions is the Lighthouse, which is located in the old harbour and is considered a trademark of the city. Enjoy your coffee by the sea, stroll around charming alleys and visit the local taverns to enjoy the most traditional dishes. Fill your album with photos of colorful buildings and golden sunsets. In the afternoon, visit the Firkas Fortress to take in the panoramic view of the harbour and the city.

Explore the picturesque villages in Chania

Traditional village in Chania
Traditional village in Chania

Should you happen to be in Chania, take the chance to arrange short or long-term excursions to the nearby beautiful villages of Chania. To truly appreciate the beauty, history, and customs of the area, arrange your programme accordingly as to spend time in the most picturesque villages.

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More villages to visit for the full experience:

  1. Omalos: The village is just 38 km from Chania and offers a unique view of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori).
  2. Vamos: A village full of stone houses, old olive mills and traditional coffee shops.
  3. Maleme: Where Cretan hospitality meets history.

Hike in a lush environment

The Samaria Gorge
The Samaria Gorge

If you are a lover of nature and hiking, don’t skip the Samaria Gorge from your itinerary. After picking up your rental car from the Chania airport, you'll travel to the northern region of Chania, where you'll come across verdant trees, narrow streets, and running streams.

The gorge, which ends at the beach of Agia Roumeli where it meets the Libyan Sea, is designated as a National Park because it is home to rare plants, animals, and birds. Make sure you have plenty of water, sturdy shoes, appropriate company, snacks, and enough time to explore it from beginning to end.

If you're looking for additional experiences, we suggest the Therissos Gorge, also called the Eleftherios Venizelos Gorge, and the Imbros Gorge in Sfakia. Don’t think about it too much and start planning your vacations in Chania, today.

Dive into turquoise waters

The beautiful beach in Maleme
The beautiful beach in Maleme

Chania is famous for its beaches and crystal clear waters. Whether you are organizing a holiday with friends or have chosen to travel with your family, you will surely find the beach that suits your tastes.

The beaches in Chania are many and the choices vary depending on the preferences of each visitor. Choose between Balos beach, Elafonissi, Falassarna and Frangokastello. For more comfort and convenience, choose car rentals from Heraklion so that you can combine even more destinations and experiences.

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Popular beaches to add on your list:

  1. Seitan Limania Beach: A hidden beach with crystal clear waters.
  2. Kedrodasos Beach: The ideal choice for those who love water sports.

We hope that this article has offered some inspiration and convinced you that a trip to Chania is a must this year. Don’t forget that for your convenience, Let's Drive has rental service stations located throughout Crete.

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