Discover the best villages in Rethymno and live the ultimate authentic Cretan experience

Are you considering a trip to Crete, but you would rather explore the traditional villages than the urban areas? Choose Let's Drive and travel to the best villages in Rethymno in order to experience authentic Crete.

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Anogia: Where Cretan music was born

The traditional village of Anogia

One of the mountain villages of Rethymno with a long musical history. In Anogia it is worth visiting the Skinakas Observatory and the Ideon Andron, the cave where Zeus grew up.

According to legend, Rhea hid the baby there to save it from the wrath of his father, Cronos. Let the music take you on a journey through the picturesque alleys and guide you through the history of the village. Travel in comfort and safety with car rentals in Rethymno.

Plakias: Among the most beautiful seaside villages

Beaches with golden sand and emerald waters in Plakias

Plakias is a vintage fishing village with golden beaches and turquoise waters. Wander around the scenic harbour and sit in one of the many taverns. Enjoy fresh fish by the sea while letting go of all of your concerns.

Plan your visit to Plakias and enjoy moments of tranquility and relaxation. Keep in mind that Rethymno beaches are famous all over Greece. Therefore, take a deep breath and dive in its famous waters.

Did you know that:
Plakias is 90 km from Chania, the nearest airport.

Argiroupolis: A paradise-like place with waterfalls and springs

There are many picturesque villages in Rethymno and each one of them has a unique story to tell. In a lush environment with running waters and small churches, you will find yourself in Argiroupolis, a village that seems to have stood still in time.

Drive just outside the village to visit the Roman tombs. In the area, you'll also find a small chapel dedicated to the Five Virgins, who were martyred in the persecutions of Emperor Decius.

Maroulas: A village with Venetian style

Beautiful view from Maroulas village

The village's architecture reflects the Venetian influence of a period when the settlement was at its peak. The village's preserved structures, Venetian churches, arches and battlements attest to the Venetians' presence. Reach one of Rethymno's most exquisitely scenic villages and take in the expansive panoramic view.

Did you know that:
The village was named after the shepherdess Maroula who used to graze her sheep in the area. When she was exhausted she stopped at the settlement to drink some water from the local spring.

Margarites: For art enthusiasts and romantic souls

The traditional village of Margarites

The must-see attractions in Rethymno are plenty and invite you to see them first hand. Drive to the foothills of Psiloritis to meet the village of pottery. As soon as you arrive, you will realize it's a village straight out of an old Greek movie.

The village appears as though it could be out of a black and white movie, with its alleys, courtyards and ceramics. Take a short break from reality and travel back in time. Stroll through the picturesque alleys to get a good look at an impeccable example of Cretan tradition.

Patsos: Harmonize with nature

 Excursion to Patsos Gorge

Whether you are adventurous or if you just like being in touch with nature, you should definitely add on your list the Agios Antonios Gorge (Patsos Gorge) which is located in the village of Patsos, eight kilometers from the Arkadi Monastery.

A breathtaking landscape that is well worth exploring is made up of the endless river and rich vegetation. Don’t forget to bring the appropriate footwear, pack the necessities and spread out your blanket for a picnic.

Did you know:
The church of Agios Antonios that you'll encounter in the gorge served in ancient times as a place of worship for Hermes, the messenger of the gods.

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