5+1 Spring destinations in Greece you can visit by car!

The temperature is rising, and the mind starts to wander to magical destinations and new landscapes. Seize the opportunity and head for popular spring destinations in Greece with the credibility of Let’s Drive. Gather friends or family and hit the gas to new experiences. To get some inspiration for your car vacations, continue reading below.

Lake Marathon: Combine mountain and sea in Athens!

Lake Marathon
For a day trip in Marathon Lake

Weekends are for excursions, especially if you are in the capital. So, if you want to spend a day at a spring destination, choose Lake Marathon. Relax in a verdant landscape and enjoy the magical view. Take your tour at one of the most significant landmarks of Attica and explore the place where the legendary Battle of Marathon took place.

Did you know:

In Marathon, there is also the Marathon Dam, which has mythological roots since the Athenians had been asked to choose a patron for the city. When they chose Athena instead of Poseidon, the god of waters punished the city with drought. Thus, the Athenians built the dam to solve the problem.

Nafplio: An all-time classic spring destination

Excursion to Nafplio

Of course, Nafplio could not be missing from our list. Romantic, traditional, and cosmopolitan, Nafplio offers the visitor a breath of calm and relaxation. Climb up to the Palamidi to gaze at the view, take the boat to Bourtzi, and have your coffee in the central square. If you don’t want to do any of the above, just take your walk at the port and enjoy the aquatic landscape unfolding before you. Whatever you choose to do, Nafplio is one of the top spring destinations by car!

Delphi: A journey to culture

Travel to Delphi, the navel of the earth

With rented car from Athens, you will easily and quickly reach Delphi, one of the most popular summer destinations by car. If you are a history buff, do not miss visiting the Archaeological Museum of Delphi with its impressive exhibits and the archaeological site. From Delphi, it is quite easy to reach the cosmopolitan Arachova to enjoy your coffee in the central square and walk on the stone streets.

Did you know:

The ancient Greeks believed that Delphi was the center of the world, and they characterized it as the navel of the earth. According to myth, the two eagles sent by Zeus from the ends of the universe to meet at the center of the earth were found in Delphi.

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Karpenisi: Car holidays in the capital of Evrytania

A trip to Karpenisi

Red tile roofs, broad sidewalks, and views of Tymfristos. Plan a visit to the museums of the area, especially the Mountain Museum to see up close the equipment used by the first Greek expedition that reached the highest peak. If you find yourself in Karpenisi with your family, make sure to stop at the Kefalovryso Park to explore a lush environment with ponds, ducks, and geese. Complete car rental in Piraeus and experience an unforgettable driving experience.

Monemvasia: Castles, history, and sea

The beautiful castle town of Monemvasia

As soon as you arrive in the castle town of Monemvasia, you will be transported to another era dominated by fortresses, walls, and precipitous rocks. Walk to the Upper Town and reach the church of Agia Sofia. Visit the house and tomb of Yannis Ritsos and the Archaeological Museum of Monemvasia. Yield to temptation and take a dip in the Portelo harbor and swim in the turquoise waters with castles as your backdrop. If you come from Northern Greece, you can proceed to car rentals from Thessaloniki with the help of Let’s Drive and turn Greece from end to end.

Did you know:

Monemvasia is also referred to as the "Gibraltar of the East" because the rock that dominates the entrance of the castle town resembles that of Gibraltar.

Lake Doxa: A trip to an aquatic paradise

Lake Doxa
Plan your next getaway to Lake Doxa

In recent years, Lake Doxa has been included among the most famous autumn destinations in Greece due to its landscape reminiscent of something from the Alps. However, the lake is equally idyllic in spring. The lush banks and the rich forest create a colorful image that combines the aquatic element with the mountainous environment, securing a place in the Natura 2000 network.

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