The ultimate guide for renting a car on the Greek islands!

We may be slowly entering winter, but the need for a vacation on the island remains unchanged. Large islands continue to attract many tourists and those who want to enjoy their vacation focusing on peace and relaxation. However, to see and do everything you imagine, you must start with proper preparation. So, apart from the location and accommodation, it is equally important to plan how you will move around the island in advance.

Car rental on an island is a widely known way of getting around during vacations. Even if you choose one of the nearby winter destinations in Athens, you shouldn't compromise on your comfort and safety. So if you want to be prepared, keep reading to know from the beginning what you should pay attention to. Follow Let's Drive's advice, complete your reservation, and prepare for unforgettable journeys!

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1. Complete your reservation early

Book your car in advance
Book your car in advance

When it comes to proper preparation, it's a good idea to make your reservation in advance and not upon your arrival on the island. By scheduling your vehicle reservation early, you'll have the luxury of choice and the flexibility of time to decide and find the right model for you. Preparation will save you from unnecessary hassle, even if you're getting ready for an autumn destination. Additionally, don't forget that many car rental companies occasionally announce offers and discount codes that you can take advantage of to make your reservation at an even better price. If you're coming from far away, you can complete your car rental in Piraeus so as not to waste time and to depart ready for your vacation on a Greek island.

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2. Decide in advance which car you desire

Find the perfect model
Find the perfect model

If you have decided where you will spend your vacation, then you will easily be able to choose the car model that will meet your needs. Study all the available options and consider all the possibilities before completing your reservation. For example, if you are traveling with your significant other, then a small city car may be more suitable for you. However, if you plan to go on vacation on the island with your family, you may need to opt for a larger, family model. If you are an adventure seeker and plan to hit the mountains, aim for a larger and more robust vehicle. Before completing your reservation, remember that especially on our islands, the roads are narrow and driving is demanding in many places. Now that you have analyzed your needs, you can visit the Let's Drive website to find the best possible option. Organize your vacation on the islands and drive safely and reliably with your rental car.

3. Make sure to gather all the necessary documents

Gather all documents you might need
Gather all the documents you might need

During the process of your reservation, you should be quite careful so that you correctly fill in your details on the required documents, especially the insurance you have chosen. Make sure to always have your ID and driver's license with you so that your information can be easily verified if needed. During your trips on the island, don't forget to have the rental agreement with you. For car rental in Rhodes, choose Let’s Drive. Go ahead and rent a vehicle and forget about the kilometers and distances.

4. Read carefully about the pickup/delivery procedures 

Check pickup/delivery information beforehand
Check pickup/delivery information beforehand

Before picking up and delivering the vehicle, it would be good to be informed about the operating hours of the car rental company. Make sure to be within the delivery schedule of the vehicle, as otherwise, additional penalties may be imposed. During pickup, make sure to carefully check the car for any dents or scratches and ask an employee to note them so that they are not considered to have occurred afterward. Similarly, during delivery, you can record any damages with a responsible person. In any case, don't forget to refuel the vehicle before returning it to the company. For your convenience, Let’s Drive has many service points throughout Greece! If you are planning to travel to the Christmas holidays, choose a car rental in Crete and let Let’s Drive take you on a trip.

5. Get informed about the rules and speed limits on the islands

Be alert and follow the speed limiths
Be alert and follow the speed limiths

Renting a car on the island can be a quick and straightforward process. However, you should be careful and pay special attention to the driving rules and speed limits. To have the best possible car rental experience and enjoy your vacation without any problems, it would be good to know in advance the roads you will be traveling on and avoid any potentially dangerous paths. Comply with the driving rules and stay within the speed limit. Always keep in mind that you are driving on new and unfamiliar roads that may hold unpleasant surprises. Avoid the hassle by completing your reservation through Let's Drive. Discover a wide range of rental cars and start your journey safely and reliably.

Renting a vehicle during your vacation on the island should provide comfort and peace of mind. The way of getting around the island is a crucial factor for having the best time without worries! For car rental in Heraklion as well as for rental cars in Rethymno, the choice is one. In Chania, car rental is synonymous with Let's Drive. Complete your reservation now and upgrade your driving experience with offers that are tailored to you!

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