In the event of a road traffic accident, the driver needs to notify the police immediately and then must contact Let’s Drive immediately afterwards. Emergency call numbers and more information are provided at the start of the rental period.

Contact Let’s Drive’s head offices immediately and then go to the nearest police station to report the theft. It is important to submit that report and the vehicle key to a Let’s Drive office.

Basic insurance from Let’s Drive covers damage to third parties up to the amount stated in the vehicle insurance contract. You can check the level of coverage on our site.

None of the insurance provided by Let’s Drive covers the following:

1) tyres - wheels,
2) the vehicle interior,
3) the underbody (chassis),
4) damage to the vehicle for driving off road,
5) damage to the vehicle due to using the wrong type of fuel,
6) administrative fines for road traffic offences,
7) any damage in general to the Let’s Drive vehicle or third party vehicles or any persons or their property due to driving the Let’s Drive vehicle under the influence of prohibited substances or alcohol.

If you’ve purchased additional insurance coverage using your credit card or from the travel agent you made the reservation with, bear in mind that that insurance / coverage is NOT provided directly by Let’s Drive. That means you are obliged to pay a guarantee and if there is damage to the vehicle you will be charged the deductible (guarantee) applicable in each case, and you will then have to apply to get that amount back from the company you bought your insurance/coverage from. Let’s Drive will give you the supporting documents / invoices needed for that process.